School Counselling Services

Counselling in schools can reduce the impact of difficult behaviours in the classroom and help children to develop strategies to promote self-regulation and to access learning more effectively. Our ethos is centred around moving people towards positive change and ensuring the emotional and psychological wellbeing of all children, young people and staff within schools.

Issues that concern or upset a child might include; low self esteem, anxiety, parental separation, friendship problems, bullying, bereavement, complex family issues, ill health and attachment difficulties. Counselling offers a space to explore feelings in a safe environment.

School Consultancy Service
Consultancy is offered to schools to support and better-understand the needs of children and young people with complex needs or difficulty in accessing education.

Our specialism centres on behaviour management, using structure, safe and appropriate boundaries, regulation and a therapeutic approach. Our consultant also provides emotional support and well being sessions to staff. Group supervision is also offered to learning mentors, special educational needs coordinators, inclusion officers and other support staff within school.

Attachment and Trauma Training
This training is designed to introduce attachment theory and understanding of developmental trauma which can help staff to respond to children and situations arising from trauma related issues. The training will enrich theory on child development and help staff to understand what the child might be communicating via their behaviour. A therapeutic approach to classroom management is at the heart of the training and seeks to transfer an understanding of trauma and attachment into the classroom and how this is exhibited within the school setting. This includes brain development and function. Strategies and solutions to behaviour management are a central component of the training.

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